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If you are looking for a professional, responsible and friendly company to take on your yacht delivery, then you are in the right place! Compass Yacht Delivery is a trading name of Compass Yacht Services Ltd, so you can rest assured you have the backing of a professional UK limited company for the delivery or land transport of your boat. Compass Yacht Delivery's team of skippers, first mates and deckhands are close knit, dedicated and enjoy their work. Compass Yacht Delivery's skippers have all completed at least one delivery with one of our senior skippers. They have to show not just sailing ability but a thorough knowledge of how to look after all the elements of a vessel.

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Compass Yacht Delivery have written many yacht delivery articles, to give you the knowledge and understanding how to select the right company to deliver your yacht. Compass Yacht Delivery have also written many articles in relation to the marine sector, safety equipment, how to get into yacht delivery as a skipper and more. Please see our yacht delivery articles.

Compass Yacht Delivery provide our very experienced skippers as event skippers for your vessel. Compass Yacht Delivery provide skippers for race events and crusing events Worldwide. For a free quotation please complete this online yacht event skipper quotation form. Having an experienced skipper on board can make an event for owner and crew, freeing up their time to enjoy the event whilst the skipper ensures everything is arranged.

Spend time prior to the event start day, weekends prior to or even preparation on delivery to the event. This can ensure that all crew are working well together ready for the event. Depending on your requirements, the skipper may take no part in sailing the vessel physically, just oversee each member of crew, communicate with race control and be able to help wherever neccessary onboard at any time. Arrange all paperwork with event organisers, ensuring your yacht is entered as it should be, the skipper then knows all the where's and when's for the start of the event. Especially during racing events, adrenaline can be pumping. Having an experienced skipper on board can ensure somebody is always watching 'the big picture' to ensure crew do not get injured, leaving you to enjoy the event and join in the excitement.

Compass Yacht Services Ltd are looking for yacht delivery skippers and yacht delivery crew who love what they do and have the drive and enthusiasm to provide our high level service on each and every yacht delivery. Working on a yacht delivery means long hours and tough work both physically and mentally, especially when conditions deteriorate. You will have the full backup of our yacht delivery land based team 24/7 for anything you need, no matter what you need.

Compass Yacht Delivery also provide you with all necessary marine equipment, ensuring you have the tools necessary to complete each yacht delivery to the highest standard. If you would like to become part of a Compass Yacht Delivery yacht delivery, please complete our online skipper and crew application form. Our minimum crew requirement on any yacht delivery for a deckhand is ‘RYA Day Skipper’ qualification or having the skills, experience and knowledge to that standard. You must be both confident and competent to stand a night watch (skipper/first mate always on call) and be both mentally and physically fit. Due to the nature of yacht delivery, flexability is needed with all departure dates and destination dates as we cannot guarentee estimated timings due to many factors our of our control. We will call to discuss your availability when a suitable yacht delivery is confirmed.

What is yacht delivery?

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Planning a trip can be quite hard and stressful, especially to more tropical and crowded locations, where sea and sun plays the main role. But having the boat or yacht that you own on such a trip would mean much more freedom and privacy, because you will be able to spend time in this private mini hotel. To help you organize something like this and bring a yacht or other kind of vessel to even another part of the word, there is the yacht delivery industry.

Since there are thousands of such vessels that need to be transported over country or coastwise, the industry is really big and there are quite a few companies which offer their services. So choosing the right one is also a problem if you don't know how it works and it is the first time for you doing something like this. Compass Yacht Delivery is one of the better ones, we ensure you will get your vessel safely and on time whenever and wherever you want it. This is the UK leading yacht shipping company with over 20 years of experience.

You can surprise your companion, one of those amazing London girls you met, and give her a gift on a vessel with our delivery service. Those girls are worth it, because they do their job, just as we do ours, with lots of passion and energy. They ensure the customers are satisfied, especially London girls, because we only have the best things here in Britain.

The trip you have planned with lots of friends is finally possible, because Compass delivery can transport your yacht to wherever you want it. Just make an appointment and they will show you how it works. They use safe equipment and the latest technology to make sure everything is on point and nothing bad happens during the process of transportation. At the end you, the your friends are going to have the best summer ever on your yacht, thousands of miles away from where it usually should be placed.

If you are looking for a different yacht shipping company, because this one cannot meet your needs or they have no delivery crews available, then make sure to choose one with a license. That is the only thing which can assure you, they know what they are doing and they have what it takes to do the job. Still, work ethics cannot be licensed and that is a thing you should estimate by yourself or try to find recommendations for.

These companies know when there is a big chance of disasters and when the seasons of hurricanes and big storms are, so they won't operate in those periods. To be sure your vessel is able to be delivered on time to the location you want, you should plan at least 6 months or even a year in advance. Booking your delivery and making everything sure, for you and the company, is the most important thing and with having lots of time that is much more possible and could also safe you some money. You can spend it later on the vacation with all the people and the beautiful girls you have taken with you.

Compass Yacht Delivery